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Why is Life Cold?

i actually have a very happy life. i just saw this graphic one day and got an inspiration for another blog. why not write about the stuff that makes life cold? from the huge, catastrophic, life-altering events to the seemingly trivial, little incidents that rub you the wrong way. it doesn't have to be a personal experience, it can be something observed.

on writing these down, my intent is to learn to appreciate life more and have a better handle on things when life throws you a curve ball. i want whoever will read this to contemplate, not get depressed. hopefully, you'll share with me your experiences as well so we can learn from each other.

p.s. it doesn't always have to be cold

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101 Things About Me

since i haven't figured out how to reference a non-archived page, i am presenting this as a post.

1. my real, full name is evangeline.
2. friends call me vangie, which i've formally adopted since moving to the states.
3. some of my nicknames growing up were gigi, gie, vange and tingting (as in reed thin... ah, the good old days).
4. i'm thinking of going back to evangeline, mainly because of her.
5. i was born on august 14, 1969.
6. which makes me a leo.
7. and a cock (or rooster, if you will).
8. i grew up in santa mesa, but moved to paranaque during my teen years.
9. i attended de la salle zobel high school.
10. in high school, my posse consisted of 7 nerdy girls.
11. we were known as the seven dwarves, and i'm sneezy.
12. i would go through a box of kleenex every 3 days.
13. i played the banduria, laud, octavina and snare drum in band just to get out of p.e.
14. i finished at the top of my batch in junior year, but fell down to third in my graduating class.
15. that's okay, because i had the happiest time letting loose with my senior-e classmates.
16. my first love was a classmate since sixth grade, but we only hooked up during our third year in college.
17. my first relationship lasted eleven years!
18. but now we're just friends.
19. i wish him all the happiness in the world.
20. i'm good in math.
21. i was the trigonometry (my worst subject) representative of our school for the math olympiad, where our team placed third.
22. my biggest crush in high school was neither cute nor hot, he just kicked ass in algebra.
23. i took up computer science in college, where i maintained a 4.0 gpa until the second year.
24. i am an alumnus of de la salle university.
25. i had many chinese classmates and i enjoyed learning and writing chinese bad words from them.
26. my two best friends in college were a tall girl and a pretty girl.
27. i was known as the smart one.
28. i secretly wished i was the pretty one instead.
29. i am a late bloomer.
30. i'm still waiting to bloom.
31. early in my career, i became good friends with six georgeous girls who are oozing with confidence, among other things.
32. i'm now married to a wonderful, loving, sweet and beautiful man.
33. i have the cutest stepson, whom i adore.
34. i have a yellow lab named xerky (short for xerxes double-trouble zeus f).
35. my husband's family is the best, and they don't even read this!
36. i used to get so self-conscious about the age and race difference between me and my husband.
37. now i love to flaunt it.
38. i'm a lousy homemaker.
39. i love buying expensive gifts for others.
40. i can finish a pan of brownies.
41. i have an unnatural obsession over ray liotta.
42. i can touch my nose with my tongue.
43. i have an abnormally high number of lines on my palms.
44. i had bulimia the first time i lived in the states.
45. which lasted for years.
46. i had the best time planning my wedding with my husband.
47. we splurged on my album ($8000) and scrimped on my gown ($200).
48. when it comes to gifts, my husband and i don't like surprising each other.
49. because it usually backfires (ugg boots, anyone?).
50. we love going to vegas, almost always staying at the paris hotel.
51. i love billy joel, sting, prince and george michael.
52. i'm stuck in the '80s.
53. i used to run for 2 hours on a treadmill everyday.
54. now i don't even want to walk across the parking lot.
55. when climbing stairs, i always have to end on the left foot.
56. when descending, i always start with my right.
57. this inanity has caused some minor accidents (not on my part but to others who have been watching me).
58. i can go on all day without drinking water.
59. i have never smoked nor taken any drugs.
60. i'd like to like liquor but my whole being rejects it.
61. i have very poor memory due to massive doses of anaesthesia over the years.
62. i got an mba from santa clara university in 2000, and got married at mission santa clara.
63. i used to sleep 3 to 4 hours a night while i was taking my master's (partly due to the bulimia).
64. i've had long hair for about 90% of my life.
65. i don't like my thick legs.
66. i like my small waist.
67. i love to dance.
68. if i could change one thing in my life, i would do more sports.
69. i play classical piano, my favorite composer is claude debussy.
70. i love my mom with all my heart.
71. i'm not good at making friends.
72. i think i have more guy friends than girl friends.
73. i'm impatient, lazy, quiet, pensive and stubborn.
74. i'm good at jeopardy and crossword puzzles.
75. i love beating friends at them.
76. i'm so into hollywood and all its drama.
77. my guy friends are comfortable with sending me racy and crude jokes.
78. i prefer the city over nature.
79. i have just finished writing my first novel, thanks to nanowrimo.
80. i would love to chat with oprah and judge judy.
81. i am a slow-reader, making sure i read every word.
82. although i don't often do so, i feel sexy when i wear a skirt.
83. my favorite color has changed throughout the years, but they've all been in the blue family.
84. i have a brother whom i miss all the time.
85. my favorite chain stores are banana republic, express, barnes & noble, the container store, target and marshalls.
86. i have created full choreographies in my head to 'brick house' and 'black and white' of which i'm the star dancer.
87. i have spontaneously played bohemian rhapsody at the microsoft store in sf metreon and got applauded by the crowd for it.
88. i get cold easily, for which my husband and stepson tease me all the time.
89. unfortunately, i was not gifted with a nice singing voice.
90. but that hasn't stopped me from singing whenever i can (only in front of my husband and good friends).
91. one bad habit i would like to get rid of is getting envious of others' possessions.
92. i sometimes dabble in drawing.
93. if i could be part of a sitcom, it'll be will & grace (yeah, even as rosario's daughter).
94. i am an aggressive driver.
95. my favorite shoes are bruno magli's.
96. i have a subscription to more than five magazines but read only one faithfully - people.
97. the only thing lacking in my life is a baby.
98. i have over 100 pairs of shoes but use only about five regularly.
99. despite #88, i love cold weather coupled with hot espresso.
100. my dream is to own a tim horton's franchise.
101. if and when i get my franchise, all my friends will get free drinks.

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