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Why is Life Cold?

i actually have a very happy life. i just saw this graphic one day and got an inspiration for another blog. why not write about the stuff that makes life cold? from the huge, catastrophic, life-altering events to the seemingly trivial, little incidents that rub you the wrong way. it doesn't have to be a personal experience, it can be something observed.

on writing these down, my intent is to learn to appreciate life more and have a better handle on things when life throws you a curve ball. i want whoever will read this to contemplate, not get depressed. hopefully, you'll share with me your experiences as well so we can learn from each other.

p.s. it doesn't always have to be cold

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The Other Divine Miss M

Last night I saw Madonna in concert - her Reinvention Tour. Although she sang all her classics, I was less than enthused with the whole experience. I found myself just going through the motions - screaming when others did, dancing with the crowd but more preoccupied with trying to take pictures with my phonecam so I have proof I caught her show. What the fuck? I had more fun and got wilder during a Kenny Loggins concert about 15 years ago. Maybe that's it... I'm old. And nothing gets you colder than feeling old. Even the drinking and dancing afterwards with my girlfriend didn't excite me. Although I haven't done either in a long time, a side effect of being a "mom", I kept checking my watch, couldn't wait to go home.

Have you ever felt so old, that the things used to delight you fail to do so anymore?

The Other Divine Miss M

Vangie Fuhrman got cold on 6.10.2004 8:45 PM. |

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